April 15th, 2010

Jin Shei Cover from sgreer

Various updatery

- I'll be at University BOoks tonight, celebrating the "Close Encounters of the Urban Kind" anthology with editor Jennifer Brozek and a bunch of other antho authors. Come see us of you're in the area!

- This weekend I'm at the Field's End Writers COnference on Bainbridge Island.

- Just finished another short story. This is scary, oy. I NEVER used to write this many short stories before. What bit me...?

Off to finish packing now. A couple of days away from the office. I may or may not have net access on a regular basis - hence - if you're so inclined - have an open thread. Let's see, I can start the ball rolling - how about this - the accepted "wisdom" is that a writer starts out with short stories and gets "Trained" by them and eventually writes The Big Novel - and here is yours truly, starting with The Big Novel and now writing unexpected short stories - am I living backwards, like Merlin...? What do you think, short stories versus novels? Which is the chicken and which the egg - which came first?...

See y'all later (in Seattle, even, if you are coming to the party) - have fun this weekend!