March 28th, 2010

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Library fundraising wrap -

I had 52 qualifying comments before the challenge closed at noon today, which means that a check for $26.00 - I'll make it $30, just to have a nice round number - will be handed to the library either next week or - if I don't get a chance to pop in before Norwescon - when I get back from that. We also have a winner for the signed set of the Worldweavers books, which go to Germantown, TN.

Thanks for dropping by, everyone. See you next year.
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Norwescon 2010

(Oh, HEY,first outing of the new con icon! I have AWESOME friends!)

Norwescon approaches rapidly. Better late than never, here's my schedule and where you can find me while there:

Friday, 10:00 a.m., Evergreen 1
Don't Say It, Have the Characters Say It
How can you avoid big blocks of narrative data-dump? By having characters
dump the data! Come join our panelists as we discuss different ways to have
the characters do the telling, while the author just does the writing.
Joshua Palmatier (M), Alma Alexander, A.M. Dellamonica, Jean Johnson, Kevin

(should be fun seeing as I am consttantly "Talking" to my characters anyway...)

Friday, 11:00 - 11:30 a.m., Cascade 3
Reading: Alma Alexander

I will be reading "I'm sorry I talk so rarely to strangers", the story in the "Close Encounters of the Urban Kind" anthology which will be available at Norwescon - so buy a book beforehand, and come to the reading, and you can follow along...

Friday, 4:00 - 5:00 p.m., Evergreen 3 & 4
Autograph Session #1
Alexander James Adams, Alma Alexander, Bethalynne Bajema, Richard Baker,
Steven Barnes, Arthur Bozlee, Andy R. Bunch, Alan M. Clark, Greg Cox, Dr.
John G. Cramer, etc.

(Yes, etc. is the operative word - these Norwescon group signings can be a complete zoo and either you get swamped or your immediate neighbour does and you're left sitting there blinking like the proverbial wallflower. Always better to BE the swampee. Come talk to me. Like I say, there will be a brand new anthology with my story in it at the con. Go get a book and bring it along for signing...)

Saturday, 10:00 a.m., Evergreen 3 & 4
Writing For Young Adults
Does it take special training or knowledge to write for young adults? Are
they different from adult works in any way, other than vocabulary? How do
you break in? What are the boundaries? How do you stay honest to the
story's integrity and still be sensitive to the need to restrict content for
young readers?
Steven Barnes (M), Alma Alexander, Cory Doctorow, Lisa Mantchev

(Looking forward to this one. I'm in some great company here!)

Saturday, 7:00 p.m., Cascade 7
Really Good Really Bad Guys
A good heroic fantasy needs a really good bad guy. What makes a villain
truly vile? How do you make evil believable, understandable, perhaps
sympathetic, and conquerable - without descending into campiness? Can a true
villain be sympathetic, and, if so, how does that change the dynamic of the
Alma Alexander, Andy R. Bunch, Jordan Lapp, Ben Thompson

(BWAHAHAHA. Come find out more.)

See you there, maybe.