March 26th, 2010

book and glasses

Library challenge blog boost signal

As outlined here, am part of the Library Challenge Blog this year. We're only some eight or nine comments short, at last count, from the magic #51 - and if you're that, you get a signed set of books for a library of your choice, remember? So - if you haven't already - go back to that post and leave me a comment. The comments will be open until noon on Sunday at which point this challenge closes - so you have two more days to get in the act...

I'll be keeping track on the original post over the weekend - please note, for ease of administration, I will NOT be counting comments to THIS post (if any) towards the total. However, my blog feed appears on Facebook - and any comments I get over there WILL be counted towards the grand total of the donation amount.

Go on - onwards and upwards - excelsior! (Please note - I do have a comment-screening option installed so if you aren't on my actual friends list on LJ I have to manually unscreen your comments so that they will be visible - but I'm on it, so no worries. If you comment, it WILL be seen and counted.)