January 12th, 2010


On faith

Prompted, perhaps, by circumstances one would never have wished on him, jaylake writes about faith

He has had a somewhat similar childhood to mine, including sojourns in Foreign Places which include Africa, which may inform matters somewhat; the difference lies in the fact that he's American, American-born, and I am not. So in some ways although we both stand and observe from the outside, a little way, he has at least one foot in the root culture of the United States from the get-go while I only came to that culture late, and very much from that outside. He has a lot to say about the matter, and I find myself nodding and agreeing with a lot of it - with MOST of it - probably with all of it, in certain contexts. Some day I'd love to have s sit-down conversation with him about this (but since we usually run into one another at conventions where either of us might be crazy busy and saying hello in passing on our way to some other commitment elsewhere that might be difficult to manage...) In the meantime, and without being prompted by circumstances as deeply charged as his current ones are right now, I'll offer you my take on it - for those who care to listen. My own personal Credo.

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