December 15th, 2009

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That time of year...

Something got published in a local paper the other day that tickled my funny bone a little.

If you want to give your love the traditional "12 days of Christmas" gifts, you'd better start thinking about maxing out the credit cards. Some stuff went up (LOOK at those gold rings! The dancing ladies have upped their prices some!) and some went down (The partridge AND the pear tree have got cheaper - and the geese are REALLY going cheap...) and some stayed the same (the mayhem at the end - the leaping lords, the piping pipers and the drumming drummers - is going to cost you the same this year as it did last year) - and frankly I think the maids a-milking are being sold awfully cheap (and besides nobody seems to have factored in a cow apiece...) - but WOW does this stuff add up...

Here's the details:

Twelve Days of Christmas Price List
partridge$10 $20
pear tree$150 $200
two turtle doves$56 $55
three french hens$45 $30
four calling birds$600$600
five golden rings$500 $350
six geese a-laying$150 $240
seven swans a-swimming$5,250 $5,600
eight maids a-milking$58 $52
nine ladies dancing$5,473 $4,759
ten lords a-leaping$4,414 $4,414
eleven pipers piping$2,285 $2,285
twelve drummers drumming$2,475 $2,475