November 8th, 2009

coffee LOLcat from icanhascheeseburger

There I was, sitting in my office and minding my own business...

...last night... when I suddenly feel a sting on my right pinky - felt as if I had tried to stroke a piece of wood the wrong way and got a splinter for my pains. I shook my hand, lifted it to inspect... and saw blood.

And then I saw one of THESE little bastards scuttling away into the shadows.

I had just been PINCERED. In my own damned office. I was completely outraged.

Still am.

There's still a chunk of my finger missing where the little monster decided to experimentally chomp me. And now he's tasted blood. Maybe he'll come back with an army of his buddies. If I am suddenly seen to disappear, this may be why. I will have been EATEN.