November 5th, 2009



I write for a living. There are times that I got stuck in projects, yes. It's frustrating.

As a writer, I've evolved my own methods for working around these times, and I soldier on. Somehow.

But nooooo. There has to gold in them thar hills for somebody - somebody who's now advertising a product absolutely guaranteed to kill writer's block. Like, kill it dead. You know. You'll be all inspiration all of the time; these be the chains that will keep your muse bound in your basement, dirty and hungry and aching with thirst but with a pitcher of water set just outside her reach, her wrists chafed red from the iron clamped around them, dressed in rags, wild-eyed, unhappy - but bound, dammit, and bound to do your bidding. Words, muse. I want words. Deliver.

And all of this can be yours for just a Tiny! Small! Fee! (and it is guaranteed to work, really. Well, for almost everyone. If it doesn't work for you then it must be your fault somehow. Go check those chains again.)

For heaven's sake, children. Writers' block isn't a disease that needs a cure. It may come and linger temporarily in all of us, like a summer cold, but the cure is passion, and dedication, and determination, and stubbornness, and need, and love. For myself, I write because I have to, because it's such a fundamental part of who I am. For those who dabble because it's "fun", and then run smack dab against this particular brick wall, I have one piece of advice - when it stops being "fun", quit, and go do something else.

Chained muses eventually die, wrung dry, abandoned, ignored, forgotten. Getting a new one, if you go this route, is going to cost you far more than you ever baragained for, if you can do it at all, and THAT is a guarantee. The only way that a muse will help you is if you allow her to do it because she wants to, because she loves you, because it is a gift. You cannot coerce that, and keep it alive.

Writing is harder for some than for others - but more than that, writing is hard for ALL of the people some of the time. Trust me on that. Sometimes the muse goes on vacation. If you have the passion and the love and the need, you have to trust that she will return, when she is ready. Don't spend hard-earned gold on the chains to keep her from leaving.
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It's the 5th again and that means...

...a new essay on the SFNovelists blog - and it's all about spoilers... none of which I'll give you here, go take a gander. As always, comment there or here if the urge moves you to do so - they love commentary over there, it lets them know that people are out there READING that site...