October 29th, 2009

poisonous and evil rubbish

What now, Amazon?

Amazon has itself a patent

The guts of it:
"A synonym substitution mechanism may programmatically replace selected words in textual data with synonyms for the selected words. The modification to an excerpt performed by the synonym substitution mechanism may not significantly alter the meaning of the excerpt to a human reader." (emphasis mine)

Yo, greedy corporation people, you are losing sight of a very important thing here. These things ARE MEANT FOR HUMAN READERS. If the meaning is changed, it is changed - and frankly, as a writer, I tend to take a tad too much care over how I say what I want to say for you to have the right to artibrarily change things around to "protect" your investment. People... those words you are changing, THEY ARE UNDER COPYRIGHT. *MINE*. You alter what I wrote and you are breaching my copyright. I don't care how you deal with your own problems, you Do. Not. Touch. My. Book. You do not have the right or the permission to do so. Is that clear?

I don't know if I'm more astonished and appalled at the sheer affrontery of this (you are SELLING my books, okay? You want to write 'em, do your own, leave mine alone!) or just coldly furious at the idea. How would a patent like this EVER get past the gatekeepers? WHERE WAS COPYRIGHT LAW?