August 25th, 2009

Jin Shei Cover from sgreer

If you're a writer...

... if you're human...

you'll find something that touches you in here.

If you had a "moment" in your own life... something you'd want to put in here... what would it be?

I'll add a few.

Holding the first copy of my first ever published book in my hands.

Holding my beloved dog as she breathed her last, telling her I loved her so that the last thing that she would hear would be my voice and those words.

The opening of the dome at an astronomical observatory, and the sky full of stars that showed in the widening crack.

Watching a newborn foal standing up on its own legs for the first time.

Seeing my first redwood tree.

Flying directly over a thunderstorm one night, watching lightning snake through the clouds below me like fiery serpents from Hell.

How about you?