August 19th, 2009

Jin Shei Cover from sgreer

Disposable people

We are disposable people.

No, really - that is the message. They shoot horses when they break a leg, don't they? Well, if you or I get cancer, break a limb, get hit by a bus, have our bodies turn on us with diabetes or anaemia or a thyroid condition or an auto-immune disease - well, there's always another warm body where we came from. And warm bodies are the operating parameter. Not, apparently, the mind and soul and spirit contained within, not what makes THIS person totally unique and separate from any other person. It does not matter that this woman is the only mother her children will ever get. It does not matter that if we lose that man the greatest story ever told will never get written because he will die before he gets the chance to write it. It does not matter that the kid over there who gets slammed by a hit-and-run driver and left disabled by the accident will never walk again.

It only matters, see, if those people can present enough money to the profit mills to prove that they are worth saving. The rest of us... eh. Whatever. The line forms over there, the line for the disposable people.

Basic option for those who don't want a public option health care: OPT OUT. Go and do your own thing. But I want that option. Thousands of other people in this country, millions of them, NEED that option. You have no right to opt us out of it.

The ultimate health reform would be single-payer - America, take care of your people! But failing that... and it is failing... then there can be no meaningful health care reform without the public option. If the White House can't or won't stand behind this they should never have started the process in the first place - because anything ELSE that happens from here on only makes things worse for the rest of us. Nobody is taking AWAY anyone's coverage. If you're happy with what you have, stick with it, nobody is going to force you away from your beloved insurer at gunpoint. But how dare you deny those of us who want and need an option of our own the chance to have one? And if the law is passed mandating health insurance by everyone whether they can afford it or not, I will demand that those who scuppered the real reform pay my premiums. Because I won't be able to afford $300 a month or more for health insurance. PERIOD.

Here's a video that says it better than I can:

Do something - call your congresscritters now.. Maybe it's a drop in a bucket. But enough drops will fill the bucket. Call.