August 10th, 2009

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Tired. Cranky. Waaah.

Well, hello there. Posting from Vancouver airport. Which I should have left nearly two hours ago according to my itinerary. I should have been nearly home by now. Instead, here I am, still waiting to catch the shuttle to Bellingham. Still at least two and a half hours away from home. And I left the Montreal hotel at 7:15 AM this morning. After waking up at quarter to seven. I'm tired. I'm cranky. I'm undercaffeinated and I'm hungry.

But let me sum up today in two words. Shit happens.

Or maybe shit DOESN'T happen. Or maybe somebody's shit kind of happens to the rest of us.

I mean that quite literally, as it happens. An hour out of Montreal we get a "This is your captain spealing" announcement to the effect of, well, there's three lavatories in the aircraft, and the two at the rear end (i.e. the cattle class ones) are both down for the count and we cannot possibly continue with the flight with the lavs blocked up. He initially said we would be returning to Montreal to deal with the problem, which made me nearly have a coronary - but, instead, we were "diverted" to Winnipeg. Where we landed. Where they tried to unblock the blockage. Where they failed to do so. Where they then told us to get off the plane and into another one (and we were LUCKY!!! There was a plane RIGHT THERE!!! We could have waited for another four hours for the next one!!! And didn't they make SURE we knew we were lucky!) So they turfed us off the plane with the plumbing issue and we all piled onto the plane next door - but all of this took nearly an hour and a half, and we were already twenty to twenty five minutes late out of Montreal.

Long story short, I arrived in Vancouver airport two hours after I should have caught my shuttle back to Bellingham. Am waiting for the next one now - am told it's due around 4 PM. WHich means I get into Bellingham around 6:30.

Aaargh. Travel. When are we going to invent Scotty's transporter machine, again? Hey, transparent aluminium was in the news not so long ago. I want the transporter. NOW. So I can go to one place and tell them where I want to go and find myself THERE within the space of a couple of seconds. Yes, that's what I want.

But right now I badly want a cup of coffee, and I BADLY need something to eat. Neither is going to happen soon - I can't risk missing this bus so I can't leave here to go grab something and once I am ON the bus I am on it until I get off it at the other end. So nothing doing until well past six PM.

Tired. Cranky. Waaah.