July 27th, 2009

Jin Shei Cover from sgreer

Not really Screaming Fan over here -

- I never was the kind of teenager who greeted the Beatles when they came to America, shrieking and shrieking and shrieking, the kind of mental state which for the moment excludes everything and anything except the presence of the adored one. (Although I do have to admit to a sneaky urge to fawn over Alan Rickman... but we digress...)

But over the last year or so - even watching episodes wildly out of order sometimes and having to piece together the backstory as best able without too much help from the timeline which I never really saw happening in its proper sequence - I have to admit that I've acquired something of an affection, as well as a deep admiration for his acting skills, for David Tennant, the Tenth Doctor.

His tenure is ending; I'm nor sure what the new Doctor will bring to the part but he's already working against this man's legacy, and those are some mighty difficult shoes to fill.

They created a "video tribute" to Tennant's Doctor Who which pretty much exemplifies why I became such a fan. The man says the same phrase, or iterations thereof, ONE HUNDRED AND TWENTY TIMES in this video. And it means something different every time. That's not the script; that's the man behind it, the man who can invest the simple words "I'm sorry" with levity, with deep sincerity, with complete puzzlement, with sarcasm, with regret and with complete lack of. It's worth the watch.

We'll miss you, Doctor #10. We'll miss you very much.