July 1st, 2009

book and glasses

Libraries on the chopping table again

First there was the Ray Bradbury article only a few days ago where he's going up to bat for an East Coast library - now it's Ohio's turn.

If you're from Ohio, go write to your gubbermint representatives and tell 'em to tell the Capitol Crowd to save their money someplace else for a change - for instance, save a couple or five million dollars apiece by manufacturing only a brace fewer bombers (preferably more than that).

If you're not from Ohio... I'm going to keep this button here below open for the month of July. If you want to give a dollar to a library, whatever collects on this button gets handed to my own local library at the end of the month. Or, if you prefer, drop a donation into your OWN local library, just to make a point. I'll make a full accounting of what's been collected on July 31 - and as incentive, if we get to $100 the person who puts us over the top there gets to nominate a library of their choice (school or public) which will get a hardcover set of the Worldweavers books sent to it in that donor's name.

I've started the ball rolling. $5 in the kitty, right now.

I know times are hard. But in the hardest of times it is always stories that have kept us sane. Let's save that, for our kids and the generations that come after them. Libraries rule. Let's help.