June 14th, 2009

book and glasses

BBQ for Literacy

I took part in an event hosted by the local Community Food Co-op - the Literacy Promotion event consisting of a bunch of cool stuff, like live music, a $3 BBQ, a calligraphy booth giving out handmade bookmarks, a book swap table... and us dozen or so local authors, ranging in "oeuvre" from poets to children's picture books to memoir to fat historical fiction to yours truly with a bit of everything. I got to talk to lots of interesting people (a couple of ladies from a local book club who looked with sparkling eyes upon "The Secrets of Jin Shei", a gentleman who asked if I'd been at Norwescon, a couple who had bought the first two Worldweavers books for their grand-daughter way back when and now made sure that she had a complete set by buying "Cybermage"... and, of course, xlokifoxx, my local fanfic-writer, who was kind enough to relay to this appreciative author a message that a friend who she had turned on to the Worldweavers books had loved them and that Magpie was her favourite character - it's moments like these that us usually solitary writerfolk treasure, the moments in which we realise that a child of our mind and heart has found a good home where it will be loved and treasured and all is right with the world...)

Back to work now, and back to the reality that I'll have housepainters back tomorrow morning. Hopefully they'll be done by Wednesday. I could really handle having the peace and quiet of this house back now.

Oh, and watch for a writing-related newsflash tomorrow. No, I said watch for it TOMORROW [grin]

Wandering off to consider supper now. Have a good what's-left-of-the-weekend. See you on the other side.