May 18th, 2009

coffee LOLcat from icanhascheeseburger


Recent candidates for Idiot of the Week (and it's only Monday!):

1) Email whose return address is (Say what? Hoax? REALLY?...)

2) SUBJECT LINE: Pimp Your Health (the mind reels in a number of unpleasant directions...)

3) SUBJECT LINE: Be Mr. Irresisible (Hey, dummies, I'm a fricking GIRL)

4) SUBJECT LINE: Choose a Golden Soulmate with a Ticking Heart (er... whut? I mean, there's a story in here somewhere. Hiding. Burrowed down deep.)

5) SUBJECT LINE: Microword Corporation (Close, but no cigar, folks)

6) SUBJECT LINE: Looking and Feeling Fresh Is More Real than Ever (That's cos I was really wilted over the weekend, yanno.)

And that's just a smattering from the 100-odd (some very odd) spams caught in my filters today. I blew them all away. I just thought I'd, you know, SHARE. In case you don't have any current gems of your own...

Let sleeping cats lie...

Am sitting at my desk trying to write with FluffyBritches the "I am a stuffed toy masquerading as a cat" cat tucked away between my leg and the edge of my chair, fast asleep. Both my cameras are upstairs and I can't move right now - so you'll just have to imagine how damned OMG CUTE he is being.

I love this silly cat to pieces. I really do.