May 5th, 2009

coffee beans

The "What does it mean?!" Department

So, the other week rdeck and I were out for a meal and we had coffee (stop snickering in the back there, please, of COURSE we had coffee...) and, well, he takes sugar in his coffee and I don't. So he asks me to pass the sugar, and I grab a pair of sugar packets from the holder on the table. One of them... catches my eye:

Somebody thought that number was significant enough to bother writing down... and then put the thing they wrote it down ON back into the sugar holder thingy on the table in a restaurant and walked away.

So what was it - important, or throwaway? What possible context would there be for such a large number of zeros? Were they talking about the number of stars in the sky? The number of seconds for which they had missed their own true love who was far far away? The national debt...?

What do you think?...