April 3rd, 2009

Jin Shei Cover from sgreer

Love Your Library

Okay, so there's this Library Challenge going on. Read more about it right here, and there's a lot of fine folks taking part, and Good Things Are Happening.

So here's the local challenge, right here at this here blog.

I'll put 50c in the kitty for every comment attached to this post which has a story in it about what libraries have meant to you in your life. If we hit 50 comments REALLY quickly, I'll extend the cap to a hundred - but for now I'd like to aim for 50 comments... but wait, there's more. If you're commenter number 25, you may also do one other thing. You may nominate a library of your choice - school library, or a general library - and I will send them a set of the Worldweavers books. Signed. With a commemoration certificate as to why they got them, and who made sure that they did.

You want to play?... have at it. Comments are open... NOW.