March 12th, 2009

Jin Shei Cover from sgreer

Another schedule, or "I need a con icon again!"

You LJ folks might have heard of Flycon, the international internet con-a-palooza with authors and artists and other publishing professsionals, oh my - from all over, from the UK, the USA, Australia... - which is taking place on the Internets this weekend.

I can haz panels.

Full schedule (and it's worth a look) is at the Flycon LJ community page, but I'm going to be taking part as follows, for those who might want to drop in:

Fri 13th, 5 PM US Pacific time
They may do things differently there but I'm reading from here
(fellow panelists a_d_medievalist, RJ Anderson, Maureen Kincaid Speller)

Fri 13 9 PM US Pacific time
Author chat with moi, and since this is mid-afternoon in the Antipodes I am particularly looking forward to the possibility of seeing some of my Australian/NZ friends dropping in...

Saturday 14th 4 PM US Pacific time
For the Newbie (A panel on what you can get out of conventions if you haven't done 'the circuit' before or on a regular basis)

I still haven't QUITE figured out where I'm supposed to be when, URL-wise, but I'll do it by Friday afternoon, I promise.

I haven't geared up to be a direct part of the Dealers Room, but anyone interested in a (possibly signed) copy of any of my books, or in signed bookplates, may contact me via LJ at any time.

Look forward to seeing you around the con "halls" of cyberspace -