January 9th, 2009

Jin Shei Cover from sgreer

Apres moi le deluge...

Went for a walk today with my trusty camera to record what sleepy old Whatcom Creek had become after the Great Floods of 2009... and it's a MONSTER.

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The chaos is obvious, from just a selection of those photos. There are LARGE LOGS in the creek. Seriously. But what doesn't get across is the sheer speed and power of the current that is currently raging in the creek. And also the fact that you couldn't get anywhere near the water safely in places where you used to - the trail next to the creekside on THIS side of the water is either washed out or inundated and with the speed and power and ROAR of that angry water you don't want to be anywhere near a place where a loss of footing might pitch you INTO the thing. Whatcom Falls look like Niagara, and I could hear them from the upper parking lot in the park, which is QUITE a ways away from them. The place is a sense-confounding pounding of speed, power, noise, spray. And this is the day AFTER the rains have more or less stopped, the day AFTER they opened the last floodgate from the lake. Yesterday it must have been phenomenal.

Two big trees by Lake Whatcom's edge are almost in the water, undermined by the lake which is at its highest that I remember seeing it since we moved here close to six years ago.

It's a mess out there.

But the creek... is scary. A testament to the power of Ma Nature when she's riled.