December 28th, 2008

snowy trees

Dug out.

With a lot of help...Managed to clear driveway of snow - and more importantly of iced-up snow-and-icy-slush berms thrown into the driveway by the (relatively infrequent) passing snow plow vehicles during the worst of it. My car now has clear egress to the street.

We may venture into the *world* tomorrow. This is suddenly... impossibly exciting.

In other news... a new novel is afoot. More anon. Call it the Sekrit Project for now (why not, other writer-friends of mine have had those...) I have the image of it in my head but not the shape of it, not quite yet, still feeling my way in - but some Has Been Written. (And rewritten, as a better idea occurred to me during the process...) I shall be busy with this into the new year. Stay tuned.

Let's just hope we've HAD "winter". I don't think I want another two weeks locked in the house any time soon...