December 19th, 2008

snow deer

They came again...

The deer, three of them this time, came stepping lightly up to my door just as the light was beginning to fail. They were maybe two or three steps away when I eased the sliding door open, very gently, and only flinched a little at the noise but waited, poised, as I rolled out a couple or three apples and a corn cob out to them onto the patio.

They were at them before the door was fully closed. Three apples and a corn cob vanished before my eyes. The deer waited for a moment, huddled into a tight group, staring at me through the glass door as night fell.

"Come back tomorrow," I said.

If I had the resources I'd have given them more - but I haven't been to the stores in a week, and what I have in the house has to last me probably another four to five days before a predicted thaw - and I figure they'd rather have SOMETHING every day than nothing at all if I run out too quickly. Oh, but it's heartbreaking the way they look at me, the way they ask mutely for help and sustenance.

I have another couple of apples and some corn ready for tomorrow. I hope the deer come again for their supper.