November 13th, 2008

Jin Shei Cover from sgreer

I suppose I should have a SF icon

And I might, just as soon as I download some pictures I took today. But right now I is a tired little bunny.

I left the hotel after breakfast for a lightning round of bookstores in San Francisco - the young lady at the front desk of the hotel obligingly took my list and rendered it on a map for me so I could plan a round trip that took in as many stores as I could. Well, I visited Barnes & Noble, a plethora of indies ranging from the funky to the astonishing, and in the process I WALKED AROUND SAN FRANCISCO. By the time I crawled back up Van Ness Avenue on the way back to the hotel I knew I would miss at least one more bookstore but by this stage I was counting blocks and praying for no more hills because just one more itty bitty one would have probably had me sitting down at the foot of it and asking someone to carry me.

I made it. It was a beautiful day. I met a lot of people. But I is TIRED.

We went out to a very pleasant dinner with swan_tower and her husband to a nice little Italian restaurant. Which was five blocks down and two across from the hotel.

We walked it. I, after a day of walking, managed yet another fourteen SF blocks. And let me just remind y'all, for those who might have forgotten the significance of this, that rdeck *walked the hills of San Francisco*.

Bed now. Am TIRED.