October 5th, 2008

book and glasses

Final word count

Zokutou word meter
198,753 / 198,753

Finished tweaking the final chapter on Thursday, in a few fallow hours at the convention, and some pruning was done at this point; I finished the Epilogue at close to midnight on Friday, and wrote most of the Author's Note over the weekend, leaving only a couple of quotes that I needed which were back at home and I couldn't get at them over where I was. Finished those up right now.

WITHOUT the Author's Note, it stands at 198 753. If you count the Author's Note, which weighs in at 1150 words, it's 199 903.

There. Done.

Sending the whole shebang off to New York tonight.

The con...? Oh, the con was fine. Passed in a bit of a blur, though. I think I managed to give good panel, saw and said hello to a bunch of old friends, did a radio interview and a book launch event - all in all, good times.

Now it's back to reality. Lots of things to do tomorrow.

Including the ceremonial clearing of desk after completion of project - to the extent that I can see its surface again, at least, for the first time in many moons.

Done done done done done.

On to the next.