September 14th, 2008

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Well, about to take wing...

I won't be taking my laptop with me this trip, so no blogging for a week or so. I'll report back when I return from the conference. In the meantime, should anyone have anything to say, or anything that you might really really want me to blog about when I return (yes, a couple of new friends on my flist, welcome and this includes you) comments are open. In case you need a starter thought for a conversation, here's something that I've been struck by in several forums recently. Writers talk a lot about "first draft" but it seems to me that the exact meaning of those words tends to vary rather widely between individual scribes. Something that one would call a "First" draft another terms a "zeroth" draft (there's a concept) while yet a third doesn't consider having finished a "first" draft until it's a POLISHED "first" draft - so we have a curve ranging from raw thought blurted onto paper to something that's almost ready to be submitted to an editor. Any thoughts...? What - if you are a writer - do YOU consider to be your "first draft"?