September 3rd, 2008

book and glasses

Good day, scribblywise -

I just finished another chapter, 7500 words of chapter. I won't keep them all, probably, because looking at it even I can see that there are words that need to be not kept, and rdeck has promised to look through it tomorrow and see what he can see. But most of the words will stay in some form or another, or else some of the stuff to be cut will have to be replaced with a more appropriate word graft, and I'll probably still end up with a chapter that's between 6000 and 7000 words long. But still - it's a good chapter, a good day's work. And it's a complex chapter. It's one of the pivotal chapters in this book, in fact. It's a chapter where I have to work very hard because my protagonist does something very cold, but for wholly understandable reasons - but those reasons have been set up and foreshadowed throughout her development as a character in the entire book so far, and this is a test of faith, the reader's, because if I can keep the eye of sympathy on her - if I've done my homework well so far - this is going to be a shattering chapter in so many ways...

Writing group guys?... you're about six chapters away from this one [grin]

But just remember, on Sunday, They Meet. Don't miss the party.

There may be champagne.