June 23rd, 2008

New Worldweavers Icon courtesy of Jim Hi

Viral Reading Summer Contest

Summer has officially started, school is out, summer reading is in.

So here's something I'm throwing out there for the reading teens.

If you pick up the Worldweavers books this summer, email me a short review (it doesn't matter if it's no more than a paragraph). Don't forget to include your mailing address. I"ll send you four four signed bookplates in the mail - one for each of the three books in the trilogy, and one more which you can pass on to a friend who you think might also enjoy the books. The friends are then free to write in with a review, of course, and get bookplates of their own if they so wish...

The first three people who reply get a special SEKRIT present. (Which I might reveal here once the recipients have received it...)

Send them in with CONTEST: REVIEW in the subject line.

Also, here's another contest to tickle your creative juices. Send me a photo of a Worldweavers book in context with at LEAST three things that are mentioned in it (they can be anything. If you live in the Southwest, you can take a picture of the book next to a little pile of red dust from the desert. There's dreamcatchers. There's the animalcules that Thea describes peeves, chuckles, chortles etc as turning into Use your imagination...) Send in the pictures - and do please make sure they aren't HUGE - in emails with CONTEST: PHOTO in the subject line.

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And have a cool reading summer!