June 3rd, 2008


Vibes please

Murphy the Magnificent, my first cat and currently the apple of my parents' eye, has been rushed to cat hospital after 48 hours of basically not eating and 12 hours+ of not drinking - and diagnosed with severe diabetes. He is currently in overnight critical care being monitored hourly, with his blood sugar at six times normal for a cat.

Please think good thoughts. He deserves them.

They managed to halve his sugar levels overnight in intensive care, sometimes dropping as low as 200. This morning he was returned to the regular vet where the sugar levels as of this morning dipped as low as 130. He is still not drinking (and is on IV fluids) but apparently he's eaten a little solid something, which is good. But now there's apparently a secondary infection that they're dealing with, and he isn't out of the woods yet.

Thank you, everybody. It all helped, I"m sure. The weight of goodwill is never easy for bad times to bear. I thank you. Murph thanks you.