May 16th, 2008

Jin Shei Cover from sgreer

Book trailers quandary

The long and the short of it - all the cool kids are doing it. (Or having it done for them. I don't know. Ye gods, it isn't cheap.)

So - what do you think, folks?

Poll #1189015 Book trailers

Book trailers - waste of money or best promotional tool ever?

OOOOH, shiny. Book trailer. Where do I go to buy the book?
Interesting - where do I go to learn more about the book?
Meh - if I wanted to get the book I wouldn't need a trailer to tell me that.
Depends on the book - some work better than others
Get thee behind me Satan - they are horrible and I would never buy a book advertised by one!

Should I do one?

OOOOH, shiny - love to see it!
Interesting - it would make me consider biying the book.
Just put over there with the rest of 'em, I'll look at it if I get around to it
Do one, and I"ll never buy any of your books again...

If you answered yes (to any degree) above -

Do a short one for "Spellspam" now, and a proper one for "Cybermage" later
Do a short one for "Spellspam" now and a proper one for the whole trilogy later
Don't bother doing a "Spellspam" one, just do a proper one for the whole trilogy when "Cybermage" isdue out
Don't do it at all! What were you thinking? Where did you see me saying yes?

I have to start thinking about the logistics of this, if the feeling is positive towards having one. Do any of y'all know someone who is in the business of producing these whom you can recommend...?