May 9th, 2008

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Head down and hip deep into the next chapter...

...but just so as to keep this place interesting, here's something to think about.

rdeck just forwarded me an interview from "Shelf Awareness" with an author called Tom Rob Smith. In case he is someone whose name you are not familiar with, here's his bio as it appears in the interview:

Tom Rob Smith was born in 1979 to a Swedish mother and an English father and
studied English Literature at Cambridge. He worked on Cambodia's
first-ever soap opera and wrote screenplays until he started work on
the novel Child 44, just published by Grand Central. Film rights have
been bought by Ridley Scott, and Richard Price will adapt the novel.

Amongst other things, he was asked what book he might want to read again for the first time.

His reply:

I know exactly what you mean by this question. You come to the end of
the book and you feel kind of sad, like you're saying goodbye to a
friend and you can't recapture that friendship by re-reading the
book, because that's almost like looking through a photo album rather
than re-living the experience.

Oh, I so know what he means.

There are books I would love to read again for the first time without knowing the things about them that I know now and did not know when I first touched them. I can never read the Narnia books again with the same kind of innocence with which I read them when I was a child and I did not know who C S Lewis was, what he believed, and what the subtext for those books (intended or not) is or was. I can never read again for the first time the book that I remember crying over when I first read it - in translation - and understood the power that words would always have over me ("My son, my son" by Howard Spring, for those who want to know).

So, over to you folks. What's the book that you carry on your heart?
worldweavers animated

"Someone's read it already" take 2 -

Stephanie from Someone's read it already has finished book 2 of Worldweavers - you may recall she reviewed book 1 back in late April. And I get ANOTHER lovely review from her! I'm particularly fond of this quote:

I’ve always loved the speculative fiction idea of creating a world with something strange about it (such as magically inert computers) and finding out what happens when this core belief of the society goes funny somehow. It’s always interesting to see how a society reacts when it is turned upon its ear, and Thea and her society have firmly been turned upon their ears. In addition, Ms. Alexander has set up a great overarching plot about creation and creativity and dreams, and I much await the third volume in order to see how that will be resolved.

She gives me 4.5 out of 5 stars for this one!

Read the rest of the review here.
Jin Shei Cover from sgreer

.. so much for light blogging.

Only days after I announce it, I post three (counting this) posts in a day.

Still - wrote 3000+ words yesterday, another 800 or so today - I'm plugging along at a good pace here.

Consider this my taking a break.