April 10th, 2008

Jin Shei Cover from sgreer

Cool stuff on the Internet

jaylake has a cool link here. I've seldom seen this put with such succinct panache.

Money quote:

Science constrains rational religion, while no religion...constrains rational science. So when the two conflict, as they must given that they often attempt to explain the same phenomena, which one is it rational to adopt and teach?

But go read the rest.

...and then go look at this
Jin Shei Cover from sgreer

Playing catch-up

So - rdeck and I went trotting down to Seattle yesterday where I shared a reading/signing/Q&A with lmarley (hey, didn't we just say good bye to each other at Seatac on the way back from Idaho...?) and kenyonsf, where we each read from our current new books, all #2 in a series with Kay's a quartet and Louise and me fielding trilogies. We had a good turnout, including friends like bjcooper, jkindall and debtaber (who was also kind enough to be our lift into Seattle, and hey, Deb, we need to talk about the gas money...) There were other friends there too, people from the Vanguard group in Seattle (hi Loren!) and at least one guy who came up to me with copies of the Worldweavers books to sign and told me that he had first tripped over me when I was doing my Jin Shei tour and did my reading in Elliott Bay Books back in July 2005 - and here he was again, telling me how many people he'd turned onto "Jin Shei" since that time, and saying thank you for the new books. Pretty cool, really.

Pertinent questions were asked, after, by the audience; we signed copious quantities of books, both directly for folks and piles of stock which Duane of University Books promised to park on a display the next day; we had munchies, chocolate brownies and rumballs and such, which were a hit; and then we came home and I gave myself permission to officially feel TIRED now.

Woke late this morning. Just to bring me down from the "glamorous author life" strata, discovered that the cats had thrown up downstairs. Twice. Discovered on both occasions by stepping in it. Cleaned that up, forgave the cats both of whom were rubbing themselves around my ankles purring apologetically, and then rolled up my sleeves and played catch-up with the rest of the stuff that had accumulated along the way. Things are getting checked off on a list, all to the good. I am fixing up a couple of chapters of New Novel to send along to Agent Lady in new York, I need to pick up my tax return from my accountant later this week as I have been informed that it is now ready and I need to send THAT off with a whimper, and, well, it's like this - next week the signal ratio might get a tad low. I have a novel to write now, and I have a rare window in which to knuckle down and write it. So that's what's going to be happening in the next six to eight weeks, folks. Writin'. I'll be sittin' here and writin'.

I'm clearing my desk of the last holdouts tomorrow - seeing if there's any other things that need to be mailed or packed or answered or signed or otherwise dealt with, and after that it's going to be word-time.

I'll be around. Wave if you see me. But I warn you, I MIGHT be muttering away to myself as I argue with my characters as to where the story needs to go next and who with, and if I don't happen to see you immediately... it isn't you. Blame the story bubbling at the back of my brain, the one that wants OUT now.

Just been called up to supper. I'll watch some silly TV, after, and probably not stay up too late - still trying to get rid of this pesky cough, and rest is as good as a course of vitamin C at this point. And with a bit of luck I'll have a whole new novel to talk about here. Very soon.