March 10th, 2008

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More Virtual Blog Tour

A couple more interviews posted by my SFNovelists cyberbuddies, at David Coe's blog, Mike Brotherton's blog and at Mindy Klasky's blog.

And I've just been notified that the Simon Haynes interview has been linked onto the Redroom site - way cool!

Thanks, guys!

And then, something completely different.

It's an essay in three parts, talking about the themes in my books in general and the Worldweavers books in particular. The first one appeared on Joshua Palmatier's blog last night, the second is up at the Wyrdsmiths blog today, and the conclusion will appear on tltrent's blog tomorrow (and here's where it's at) - they are essays on Choice, Courage, and Change.

Thanks to all the participants in today's issue of Virtual Blog Tour!