January 29th, 2008

Jin Shei Cover from sgreer

"A virus was found"...

No, nothing dangerous. But green_knight had this irresistible video about what REALLY goes on in your computer when a virus (a stick figure ninja, didn't you know?) really does invade your system. Enjoy.

Oh, and yesterday's Grand Spam of the Day prize? The doofus who doesn't quite "get" what he's trying to sell. In fact, what he is offering, in so many words, is "only the BEST Body Parts!"

Devilled kidneys, anyone?...


That other matter? The new project? It's one chapter and about five and a half thousand words in. Back to that, right now. Watch this space...


jkling found this one:

One of my Christmas presents was a wildlife camera, which I've yet to set up outside covering my back deck. But I get deer, lots of birds, the occasional raccoon or some other more exotic critter - nothing like that thrice-blessed bear scratching the itch on its back or those magnificent ten-point king stags (I do have a soft spot for the deer right at the end, the only life form caught on that camera that was intelligent enough to NOTICE the camera and go and find out what the heck that thing WAS...)

I'll set mine up eventually. In the meantime, enjoy.