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In the manner of the inestimable matociquala, hawkwing_lb votes yes on "Embers of Heaven"

I've just got the full Kirkus review from my publisher, and it talks about the "teen angst" in "Gift of the Unmage". Heh. Cute.I obviously channelled my inner teenager properly...

In other news, I was invited to visit a reading group last night, some six women, all of them bar one working in the field of psychology or psychiatry (and the one who isn't is a family practitioner). They just finished reading "Jin Shei", and the money quote from last night, and a very pleasant evening it was, came from the one who looked like she was the oldest in the group who said, "I don't usually read fantasy, and I would probably never have picked this book up if I had known it had fantasy elements - but by the time I realised that it did I was already so into it that I didn't care any more." See proud author preen a little.


I really really DO have work to do. Excuse me while I wander off and do that. P'raps I'll be back later. Possibly with an opinion of the accidental invasion of Liechstenstein by Switzerland.
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