December 31st, 2007

Jin Shei Cover from sgreer

Changing Calendars

I've just arranged new calendars around the house, to wake up to tomorrow morning. Oh my God, as it were, next year really IS just a couple of hours away.

No, I won't do a retrospective. Or resolutions. What was, was. What will be, will be. Fiat.

While fixing up the calendars, the one on rdeck's desk is the Anguished English calendar with daily pretzel twists of the English language as she is misspoke in too-hasty medical summaries, unruly courtrooms, and unwary translations by non-native speakers who don't see the howlers. This year's been the second year running that he's had this particular calendar, and I just bought him a replacement for Christmas, so we can look forward to another year of smiles. While squaring off the year on the 2007 incarnation, one of the entries under the heading "Mixed-Up Metaphor" reads thusly:

"As far as my writing career goes, this project could be the gravy on the cake."

Well, here's hoping for some gravy on the cake for 2008.

Happy new year from all of us - and here's the obligatory cat pic to send you off into tomorrow...