December 10th, 2007

Jin Shei Cover from sgreer

The good the bad and the ugly....

The ugly (to start at that end) is that I've had my tyres slashed.

Well, with cold deliberation, and I paid for it - they've been "siped", i.e. tiny nicks put into the rubber so as to improve grip on slick roads. There was discussion about worse things, chains, studs, the works - the guys at the tyre store (and I'm SORRY, Americans, but "tired" means exhausted,not rubber-shod, some spellings I cannot shake...) suggested the siping as the first-recourse action, seeing as serious "weather" is supposed to be relatively rare in this neck of the woods. So we siped. We'll see how it goes.

The ugly led directly from the bad, which was our setting forth this morning to rdeck's final ear doctor appointment... and getting stuck halfway up an icy hill with the car sliding down and sideways and yours truly panicking at the wheel. We got out of it. We even got out of it without damage to ourselves or another party. But we were VERY late for the appointment, because I drove the rest of the way at a slow crawl trying to calm my shattered nerves.

The good is that the treatment meted out by said ear doctor seems to have done some kind of trick, and there has been a significant improvement (the percentage point improvement quoted at us was up to 33% to the plus side, which the doc seemed pretty happy with). I am very happy about this result, and I'm all the more happy since this is the LAST medical and therefore absolutely necessary outing that we needneedneedNEED to make until the thaw.

Even with siped tyres.

Ice terrifies me.

We did a bunch of errands - mailed CHristmas cards, mailed a bunch of bills, visited the bank, picked up our mail (and more bills, sigh) and I think that I can now sit down and take a deep breath.

Now back to your regularly scheduled entertainment. I'll go up and smile at the twinkling lights on my Christmas tree, and be happy about the fact that Christmas Day is about two weeks away...