December 7th, 2007


Well, then. Done.

THe third book is off to New York and it's on its own now. The kid's gone to college, as it were. Now I wait for the editorial word on how well I have wrought, with the edit and the rewrite and the spit and polish.

In the meantime, I've done HALF my Christmas cards (yes, I'm late this year) and I've wrapped all my presents - those that are here and wrappable, anyway, a few more are still expected in the mail - and they're under the decorated tree, tomorrow we have a visitor for lunch, on Sunday I have a breakfast date with a local fan (she is attending the local university this year, found me, and asked me - pretty cool!) and then Monday we have the last doctor visit for a while for rdeck. Then I REALLY have to clear my desk of the various bits of paperwork that have been accumulating there over the past six months while I was busy with the third Worldweavers volume.

Then it's fun time - I have to figure out how to get from here to Everett on December 21 in order to catch a train to Leavenworth and the Christmas lights there on the 22nd. Then I have to figure out a way to get us HOME after the Leavenworth visit. Then it's Christmas Eve. Then it's Christmas Day. Then it's five days until 2008 turns up on the doorstep.

I've a busy year shaping for 2008. Lots of stuff cooking. I'm doing quite a few school visits and lectures and classes next year, on top of the usual round of conventions - and I have a whole new book I am going to be writing in the interstices of time. I have an odd feeling that I'm going to blink three times and it will be this time next year and I'll be writing a note on my blog wondering where the time has yet again vanished from underneath me.

Life. It's a blur of small miracles.