September 29th, 2007

autumn leaf

Small joys

We detoured past our favourite fresh-produce garden stand today - they announced that they were closing for the season on October 13, and we wanted a last snatch at a nice organic cabbage or their GIGANTIC onions (I swear, they look like someone blew them up with a bicycle pump).

Today they had a couple of trestle tables groaning under the weight of large pots containing variously coloured chrysanthemums in full bloom.

For $10 apiece.

That's what you'd pay for a bunch of flowers these days - a SMALL bunch of flowers - a flower arrangement similar to the pots that were displayed there would have set you back more like $30 or $40, and these things were rooted in potting soil, and could be expected to last a little bit longer than a generic flower arrangement anyway.

So we bought two of them. One, a gorgeous burnt-orange shade, is gracing our front porch; the other, a bright yellow, is currently glowing out on our back deck, despite the fact that the weather is cold and wet and gray and the evening is drawing in. The thing STILL looks like someone has just turned on a light out on the deck.

Small joys.

Happy autumn.