August 27th, 2007

Jin Shei Cover from sgreer

Right. Off to pack.

Couple of questions for whoever knows the answers:

1. Is there, yanno, COFFEE in Japan (in the quantities that I have to have the stuff in in order to avoid cold turkey withdrawal which is not pretty to see...?) And if so, am I going to bankrupt myself buying same?...

2. How hot is it REALLY?... (whimper)

3. How do you say "I am allergic to seafood" in Japanese? (I think it might be a useful phrase for me to cultivaate...)

Right. Off to pack. Let's see if I can't squash EVERYTHING into one small caryy-on suitcase...
Jin Shei Cover from sgreer

Oh, and by the way -

0 saw the orthopaedic doctor critter today, re. the shoulder.

He poked and prodded and sent me off to have a couple of sessions of intensive physio STRAIGHT after I get back from Japan - as in, the day after I get back, literally, I won't have time to unpack my suitcase before diving in - and then he wants me back for another look-see in October.

So, that's where that is.

And tomorrow, I get on a plane.

With four different versions of "allergic to seafood" written in my travel diary. Thanks, guys.