August 15th, 2007

Jin Shei Cover from sgreer

This kind of made me tear up...

Apparently a couple of guys reared this lion cub, and released it back into the wild somewhere in Africa - and came back a year later to see if he was doing okay.

Here's the reunion - the quality is kind of fuzzy but watch the expression on that lion's face as he slowly realises just who these humans are.

And then there's the other lion - no mention made of two, so presumably a wild-born pal of the human-reared one, who comes along for the fun and allows the humans to fuss with it without taking anybody's arm off at the shoulder...
Jin Shei Cover from sgreer


Okay, ever since I happened to click on a fateful URL here in LJ land, I've been completely obsessed with this song. I cannot believe I had never heard "Hallelujah" before; the version I had been pointed to was luminous, by kd lang, but then I went looking and found something close to the original and I've been humming this for TWO DAYS now and I can't get rid of it from the back of my brain where it swirls in beautiful hypnotic melody and haunting lyrics (that last stanza gives me goosebumps, and story ideas...)

I completely blame marykaykare for this.

ETA Here's another luminous version.