August 5th, 2007

Jin Shei Cover from sgreer

I am blogging OVER THERE now, too...

There's a group of us writerly folk that have gravitated into an online community called - how did you guess?... - SFNovelists. Our website, with Captain Tobias Buckell at the helm, is over here, newly revamped and refurbished and looking brand spanking new and shiny with lots of cool stuff on it about LOTS of your favourite authors.

There's always been a "feed" of members' blogs, with the original site mirroring what we've all been saying in our own blogs - but now there's a new feature on the site, which is a SFNovelists Blog where members of the community post original entries on that site. We are setting up a monthly rotation so there's always going to be something new and interesting on the site - my day is the fifth of each month, and my very first SFNovelists blog entry is now up on the site. So go read. And go back often. It's a great site full of talented and knowledgeable and eloquent people - it's going to be good reading.