August 3rd, 2007


Wildlife report!

We now officially have Douglas squirrels (at least five of 'em!), grey squirrels, and now at least one chipmunk. Yep, saw the little guy just outside my office this morning - took a pic, but until I download it and decide if it's good enough to put online, this is pretty much what the critter looked like. Yep yep yep, a chipmunk.

He may be a refugee. They clear-cut another lot near us a couple of days ago. I saw logs that used to be 100-year-old cedars stacked neatly by the road, underneath a raped hillside covered in twisted remnants of roots and crumbling bare earth, and I wept.
Jin Shei Cover from sgreer

It's either a twisted sense of humour or alarming incompetency...

This morning, around 8 AM, the phone rings. It's a recorded message. "This is the UPS. We will be delivering a package today between 8:30AM and 7 PM. THe package requires a signature. if there is nobody at home to accept delivery the driver will leave a note and alternative arrangements will have to be made for pick-up"

I am not expecting any packages, let alone ones to be signed for. But, okay, there's always a chance. And I work from home, after all, so it's hardly a hardship to "be here" when the doorbell rings.

However, by the time that quarter to six PM rolled around and no package eventuated, I rang the UPS and asked what the game was,

"Do you have a tracking number?"

well, no. The package was supposed to be coming to me. Isn't it the sender who's supposed to have the tracking numnber?

"But did they give you one when you got your message?"

Actually, I can't remember. And I was certainly not told, here's your tracking number, write it down. So if one was mentioned it was just rattled off and it's kind of reaching to expect a human brain to remember this kind of information at first hearing. So, no, no tracking number.

Okay. The lady on UPS end took my name and phone number and went off to investigate.

Half an hour later they phone me back. They have no record of ANY package for me in their system.

"It must have been a prank call. We're getting a few of those. We apologise," the woman at the UPS end said to me.

But my Caller ID clearly said UPS so unless someone could fake *that* it WAS the UPS that called me.

Curiouser and curiouser. It seems a particularly pointless joke, if joke it is; and if it isn't, what the frick is this package and who the frick lost it?...

Sometimes life leaves you shaking your head in deep confusion and complete resignation.

Oh well. I confess I'll be very surprised if this mysterious package turns up tomorrow.