July 19th, 2007

Jin Shei Cover from sgreer

Fine, then. Pottermovie.

Went this afternoon, in the company of mareklamo - I bought tickets in advance and we got there a full 35-40 minutes early, well, wouldn't YOU? It's the Pottermovie, and it grossed 193 BILLION dollars so far, and there would be lines and lines and lines, wouldn't there..."

Nope. No lines. When we got there the theatre we were to see the show in - and it was showing in three separate theatres - was empty, and I mean EMPTY, of anyone other than ourselves. By the time the show started the place was half full. Hmmmm.

But anyway.

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Verdict: "Azkaban" remains my favourite movie. This one... entertaining, but I'll give it a C.