July 18th, 2007

Jin Shei Cover from sgreer

it's raining again

That scorcher of a couple of days ago is a bad memory, or a dream. It's the second half of July, and it's 62 degrees out there.

I love Washington : )

In other news, I picked up a copy of the German "Phantastisch!" magazine in the mail today - it has my name on the cover, even, and a FIVE PAGE INTERVIEW with me inside. Heck, I didn't know I spoke that much German... [grin] Well, actually, kudos to my interviewer, Dirk van den Boom, who told me not to stint on words and then obviously translated every single one of them. He made me look pretty damned good. Danke schoen, Dirk!

We meant to go to the Pottermovie today, but somehow just... didn't... there were other things to do and stuff intervened. But we will go one of these days. TOmorrow, maybe, or Saturday. We'll see. I see spoilers have the world in a pother, the is-it-or-isn't-it-the-real-book photos and all that. I can understand that people who have been good and hnourable about following these books all the way can get pretty screamy when their final - the last EVER - Potter book is despoiled in this manner (and really, what IS it with the people who think that they HAVE to wreck everyone else's enjoyment? If you have to bloody crow about the fact that you already know everything, crow that you know everything, swagger it, swagger it, my little cock-a-whoop, as it were, but leave everyone else out of it!) but as far as I'm concerned... well... I haven't read any of the Potter books since #3, I won't be rushing out to buy this one either at the stroke of midnight on Saturday or at any other time, and I'm content to catch up on who lived and who died when the discussions begin on the Net. That's how I found out about Dumbledore. I know all about the Potter saga - I just haven't READ it - and I am certain that I'll be duly enlightened by the chatter out there when the time comes - but really, I could have waited until the book was officially out, myself. This isn't a race, and nobody's WON. Sigh.


I have a bunch of reviews I have to catch up writing this week, and then next week I need to sit down and go back over WOrldweeavers #3 to make sure it's fit to be submitted to New York, and then off it goes - and then pity my fingernails while I await the verdicts of my publishing professionals back there. I have to hope I have done justice not just to this one book but to the entire trilogy. Squeeek.

And then it'll be the end of July, and I have a reading in Bellingham in the first week of August and a writing camp to teach in Leavenworth on the 13th of August, and then it's WOrldcon time. Ye Gods. This seemed such a VERY long way away...

If I don't see you guys over the next day or so, I'm frantically catching up and reading review books and writing reviews to send in - I'm hopelessly behind. I'll pop in if there's news...