July 10th, 2007


Okay, too cool!

I'm sitting here in my office, fixin' a chapter, mindin' my own business, with the sliding door open to the woods... when I hear this sound behind me.

"MI-ow! MI-ow?"

I look around for the cats.

But it isn't the cats.

It's the baby deer, the tiny spotted fawn of a few days ago - actually, there were TWO tiny spotted fawns a few days ago, I very much fear that one of the twins has been lost... - but there it stands, the little one, *nose right against the screen door*, looking directly at me.

"MI-ow! MI-ow!"

Deer meow like kittens?!?

I just sat there like a dummy with this broad grin on my face and stared at it.

"MI-ow," it said, and then trotted back to mamma, who nuzzled at it and licked its face, and then they both began to wander away.

It came to say hi. My baby deer came to say hi.

My life is a succession of small miracles.