June 28th, 2007


Books for review

As first seen at tobias_buckell - a damn fine idea which I'm borrowing.

If you are interested in reviewing my books, or helping spread the word, I would love to get your information! Preferably the newer ones, for obvious reasons - "Gift of the Unmage", for instance - but if you're interested in some of the older ones (you can go to my website and look at the bibliography page) please do speak up - and particularly, if you are interested in receiving an advance copy of Worldweavers 2: Spellspam in spring 2008 - I will screen comments to this post so that nobody sees them but me and thee and I will ensure that books are sent to you.

If you haven’t reviewed or read "Gift of the Unmage", "Secrets of Jin Shei" or the "Hidden Queen"/"Changer of Days" duology, or wish to put your name down for "Spellspam", and you have a blog, are involved in a large forum, or are a reviewer (online or off), email me at anghara at vaxer dot net with your address and information about where you would review it. Alternatively, subscribe to my mailing list (the link is in the links column just off to the right to this page).

I have a number of copies of a selection of books reserved for this. If I should run out of immediately available copies I'll work with you in obtaining same in another way.

And please feel free to pass the word around that I have copies here earmarked for people to review, should anyone you know NOT read this blog and you think they might be interested.

Um, a couple of you interested reviewers said "yes please send me" but didn't uh, give me an address WHERE to send it [grin] That's why the comments are screened off so that nobody sees 'em - so you can give me an address... or, alternatively, email me it (put REVIEW COPIES in the subject line so I'll know what it's about) at anghara at vaxer dot net...

And thanks much, for all the interest!

A topic that I keep on wanting to address myself -

third and final books in trilogies and the joys and frustrations thereof - but right now I am actually WRESTLING with a book 3 in a trilogy, and while I'm learning all kinds of valuable things from this - my own take on it might have to wait a tad - in the meantime, I'd like to point you to Justine Larbalestier's blog, and if you scroll a little bit down in the comments you'll find that I weighed in anyway, for the time being.

So, until such time as the topic makes a proper and thoughtful appearance on these pages, go read over there for a while.

And I'm going back to my Book 3 now.

Really I am.