June 1st, 2007

Jin Shei Cover from sgreer

And a huge thank you to the USPS...

... for simply declaring that it will no longer carry cheap(er) postage rates for overseas. A book I just sent overseas cost me close to $20 - because the only options left are First Class or Priority Mail. My nieces are going to be awfully short on birthday or Christmas presents from now on, seeing as it will probably cost me more to mail them than it did to obtain them.

Might someone inquire of the USPS whether they thought this out properly? They are a SERVICE ORGANISATION. They exist - or should exist - in order to fulfill the needs of the public in the arena of mail. They do NOT exist - or should not exist - simply and solely to make a profit, especially if that profit is earned by cutting out services for which there WAS a need, seeing as the US is traditionally a country full of people with friends and family overseas to whom occasional parcels might be sent. Just what was so damned difficult about getting together a container-full of sea-mail to ship off overseas every so often? I mean, come on!

Oh, and while I'm at it...? This whole new thang they've got, with postage rates now depending on the item's size, and shape, and weight - this is just a form of holding the public at ransom. Now you have no way of knowing how much postage should go on any given item, you HAVE to go queue in the post office if you have anything remotely unusual and non-standard to send (like a bunch of bookmarks, for instance) - and even if you have a plain and simple envelope, if it has a couple of sheets of paper folded inside it and suddenly weighs more than a certain amount you have to pay not one, not two, not five, but SEVENTEEN cents extra postage for every additional ounce. And God help you if you wanted to send an unusually shaped large birthday card to a five-year-old, for instance.

Feh. Not happy.
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