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Jin Shei Cover from sgreer

February 2016


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May 3rd, 2007


Drive-by posting

Okay, then. I've got a boxful of stuff I'm hauling with me to my gig in Leavenworth tomorrow night - we leave sometime tomorrow morning, and according to the WSDOT website it's SNOWING ("lightly", they say, it's "snowing lightly) in fricking Stevens Pass. Oh, GOODY. The good news is that it's MAY so the weather forecast seems to think this to be an aberration. I sincerely hope it will have sorted itself out by the time we get there tomorrow around mid-day. I'm rather looking forward to seeing Leavenworth again, the whole geranium-festooned Europeanness of it all tickles my sense of nostalgia immensely. Some day I'll have to try and make it up there in the wintertime - they tell me Christmas lights in Leavenworth are something to see, and I believe it.

In other news, I'm pretty near half-done with Book 3 of Worldweavers. I might have wanted to be a chapter or two ahead of the game, but hey, I'll spend the rest of May before Wiscon trying to rectify that, and then I have all of June (except for one scheduled appearance in Seattle, watch this space). It's looking good. And there are story arcs coming together nicely in this book which, I am told, is ALWAYS a good idea in the conclusion of a series...

Well. Back to trying to hammer out a final version of this chapter I'm working on by the end of today. If I can do that I can go to Leavenworth with a clear conscience and a light heart.

It is entirely possible that I will spend the next day and a half either driving between places, or being away from accredited Internet connections - so - in case I don't see you before the middle of the weekend sometime - have a good one. Play nice.

If you want something to talk about here while I'm gone, here's an idea. What do you think about Amazon reviews? Do they affect your buying decisions? Do you think it's all a scam orchestrated by a few hundred of an author's closest friends?... Go to it. Have a ball. See you later.
Jin Shei Cover from sgreer

Okay one last thing and then I'm seriously gone for the duration...

...but this is just too funny

Tribbles RULE! [giggle]