January 12th, 2007

Jin Shei Cover from sgreer

It's currently still below 20 F out there...

...but it looks like Rustycon is a go (assuming our ride turns up today).

So, I have to go throw a few things into a suitcase, gather up stuff I need for the con, and in the meantime here's a few things for y'all to play with while you're sitting safe and warm in front of your computers.

First off, apparently it's "delurking week" - and although I can't boast Scalzi's daily thousands, if there IS anyone out there who's just hanging back in the shadows come on out and say hi. My default comments are set to be screened if they're from folks not on my friends list, and that's the way this is going to play out here, too, but when I come back from Rustycon I'll look into the comments queue and if you're happy for it to be unscreened (and tell me so) I'll Reveal You TO The World, as it were.

The other thing, and it'll give people something to do while I'm away and quite likely not close to a computer which would allow me to post freely - I am not taking my laptop with me - here's something I gacked from marthawells's LJ>. Ditto for comments.

Have at it, then.