December 25th, 2006

Jin Shei Cover from sgreer

Christmas morning

The cats have been wandering in astonishment past the suddenly unencumbered Christmas tree and looking at me with a "what happened to all the stuff?" expressions even though they spent the morning happily playing in the detritus of the stuff as we ripped wrapping paper off parcels (and somewhere underneath it all there were the cats' own presents, a couple of cat toys, and Laptop in particular is always very happy to play with her Christmas fluffies on Christmas morning, there in the midst of the shredded wrapping paper, looking very cute...)

rdeck and I got each other the first season of the "Slings and Arrows" Canadian TV series - we both loved it so much and, well, great minds thing alike. We're feeling magnanimous. ANyone out there want a copy of the first season? We're quite happy with a single one between the two of us *grin*. Aside from that, the haul of DVDs included a new copy of "Love Actually" (aince our old one went wonky and nothing appears to work in terms of fixing the DVD), "Jungle Book" (the Disney version - he's never seen it, believe it or not, and I LOVE that movie), and the ENTIRE series of "Judging Amy" - there are few TV series we want full DVD sets of, but that's definitely one of them. There was also a CD stack - including CDs by Johnny Cash, Kris Kristofferson, The Byrds, Joan Baez, and the Spock vs. Q dialogues (never heard those? You should. They're wonderful).

Friends sent us presents, too, and one of mine was aimed at me and "the little rascals" - something called a "thing in a bag" which you put batteries in and it rustles inside a paper bag to drive cats nuts. We haven't tried it yet.

We haven't opened up my bear yet, my Denali, my chainsaw sculpture from Alaska, we're waiting for my folks to arrive to do that. But there were other bits of Alaska under the tree for us - an ulu knife and cutting board, a calendar with auroras on it, a book or two on Alaska...

We're baking a ham for Christmas lunch. The tree is sparkling, the house is full of music, and I'm going back up there to dance.

Merry Christmas, everyone.