December 16th, 2006

Jin Shei Cover from sgreer

Have a bit of fun on a cold December day...

You could waste a pleasurable hour or so finding out which books you would not like, based on the books which you DO like.

I have to say I was particularly tickled by the juxtaposition of Bill CLinton's "My Life" in the IF YOU LIKE THIS column with something vaguely Christianly apocalyptic entitled "Don't Waste Your Life" in the YOU WON'T LIKE THIS column.

There are other similarly serendipitous pairings.

Go look.

(yeah, so I'm being silly on the internet in the aftermath of completing my edits. So...?)
Jin Shei Cover from sgreer

Seattle Storm Fallout

The server what hosts my website is in a place which apparently still doesn't have its power and/or its Internet connection back. The website is down for the count. It will return, hopefully, shortly...
Jin Shei Cover from sgreer

Now that we're mopping up, it was absolutely inevitable that one of these would pop up...

Do you live in the Pacific Northwest? Take this quiz to help you decide...

10. You didn’t need to buy a Christmas tree this year as you already had 4 downed trees in your yard to choose from.

9. You have decided to decorate the plywood that is covering your broken windows with extra garland you made from the masses of evergreen branches strewn about in your yard.

8. All your digital clocks are still blinking different times since you no longer want to spend the energy resetting them all just to have to reset them again next week.

7. Your children are getting flashlights in their stockings this year.

6. You can accurately predict when the power will come back because you have figured out a mathematical formula that takes when Puget Sound Energy says the power will come back on and multiplies it by the “REAL TIME” power derivative.

5. You have stocked up on candles for the holidays, but not to create ambiance.

4. You have mastered cooking mashed potatoes on your barbeque.

3. You have used your battery backup to make coffee.

2. You have tinkered with your lawnmower in the hopes of converting it to a generator.

And the #1 way you can tell if you live in the Pacific Northwest…you couldn’t even read this message until a week after you get it as your power is STILL off!

Seriously, though, my friends are all reporting in one by one and everyone's okay and in one piece, although there are STILL people I know in various beleaguered outposts of Seattle who are shivering by candlelight. Maybe by next week even THEY will find this particular list even wanly amusing...